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As a proponent of open source, is excited to be participating in Hacktoberfest this year!

Hacktoberfest is an annual month-long celebration of open source software started seven years ago by DigitalOcean. During the month of October, participants are encouraged to work on and submit at least four (quality) pull requests to public GitHub repositories. This event is open to everyone, but remember to sign up in order to qualify for the limited edition swag or the planting of a tree.

How to participate

We have labelled issues in several of our GitHub repositories with the hacktoberfest label that we think would be good candidates to be completed in October. We will try to review any PRs that mention Hackoberfest quickly. ;)

All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge. If you have new ideas for features or spot anything we might have missed, please feel free to create a new issue!

Crate repositories

Project Language Description
crate Java CrateDB - a distributed SQL database
crate-admin JavaScript Admin interface for CrateDB
crash Python CrateDB Shell - CLI for CrateDB
crate-python Python Python client library for CrateDB
crate_ruby Ruby Ruby client library for CrateDB
activerecord-crate-adapter Ruby CrateDB adapter for ActiveRecord
crate_adapter Go CrateDB Prometheus Adapter
crate-operator Python CrateDB Kubernetes Operator
crate-sample-apps Various Sample apps using CrateDB

Check out our contribution guideline and Code of Conduct.

Support channels

Use our Gitter if you have any questions, need help finding a good issue, or you just want to say hi!