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Newsletter: Community Day is back, and we have a new CrateDB release

Hi there 👋

Time is flying by so fast 🪁 that we can't believe we're one month away from the second quarter! So far, how productive are you feeling this year? ⚡

Productivity is definitely a keyword for us. We had a lot going on this month and way more to come 🎉👇

Events 🖥️

Community Day #2 edition 🗓️ March 23rd 

Our team is back to share knowledge, connect with developers worldwide and present new use cases 🤩

Learn how to maximize your data potential with CrateDB integrations with our amazing speakers from CrateDB, Metabase, Kooky2Go, and Flink 🙌

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CrateDB Office Hours 👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍💻

March 15, 2023, at 5 pm CET time / 11 AM ET 🗓️

Our open office hours are back! Meet our engineers, ask questions about CrateDB and learn about the latest product updates and features!

More info on how to join here 👈🏼


Did you miss our time-series data webinar?

On February 22nd, Niklas Schmidtmer, Lead Solution Engineer and Karyn Azevedo, Solution Engineer for CrateDB, shared their insights about time series and a use case on virtual machine monitoring. 

Didn't catch it? ▶️ Watch the recording 


Tutorials not to miss ⏯️

Do not skip these tutorials if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in data and development 👇

Guide to sharding and partitioning best practices in CrateDB

Marija Selakovic, our Developer Advocate, will show you how sharding and partitioning work in CrateDB 

Connect to CrateDB with Excel ODBC Driver on MacOS

Our Developer Advocate Intern, Rafaela Santana, will teach you how to connect to CrateDB from Excel on MacOS using ODBC 👩‍💻

How to connect CrateDB to a app

Rafaela Santana has a lot to share with you this month! This tutorial will walk through binding to a CrateDB database and displaying the data in a Repeating Group in your Bubble app 💡

cratedb tutorials2023


Content you may like 💙

Introducing API tokens for CrateDB Cloud

Learn about this new functionality! It makes it easier than ever to programmatically integrate CrateDB Cloud into your existing workflows and applications 🙌

CrateDB 5.2: Scrollable Cursors, Bitwise Operators and New Aggregations

We’ve added support for (backward) scrollable cursors, bitwise operators and min_by/max_by aggregations and continued to improve our SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility as well as the Administration UI. Sebastian Utz, our Founding Engineer, explains it all 👨‍💻

Find the latest reported values with ease. Introducing max_by and min_by aggregations in CrateDB 5.2

CrateDB 5.2 adds two new aggregation functions: max_by and min_by Know all about it with our Developer Advocate, Marija Selakovic 🙌

Know all about IIoT importance, with real use cases 👈

Breaking News 📰

New feature alert 🚨
CrateDB Cloud now also supports the use of API tokens.

CrateDB 5.2 release 🎉
CrateDB 5.2 brings new features as well as improvements to existing features.


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