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Building AI Applications

How to Overcome Business Challenges When Building AI Applications

Learn how to overcome the challenges of building AI applications with a solid data management strategy. Discover CrateDB's multi-model approach and vector store.

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Open Source Spotlight

Newsletter: Know all about CrateDB v.5.5 release

Discover the latest updates in CrateDB v.5.5 release and upcoming events. Learn about new features, tutorials, webinars, and workshops.

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guide to time series data analysis

Guide to Time-Series Data Analysis in CrateDB: Best Tutorials

Learn how to efficiently store and analyze time-series data with CrateDB. Explore the best tutorials and video guides for time-series data analysis.

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Vector Databases vs Traditional Databases for AI Applications

Vector Databases vs Traditional Databases for AI Applications

Learn how vector databases are revolutionizing AI applications by enabling advanced search techniques and offering enhanced security and privacy.

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vector similarity search

Vector Similarity Search

Learn how vector similarity search facilitates exploration, analysis, and information retrieval, improving accuracy and efficiency in various applications.

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open source vector database

Open Source Vector Database

Discover the benefits of open source vector databases, their crucial role in AI-powered applications and the key features to look for.

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best vector database

The best vector database for your business

Discover the importance of choosing the best vector database and how they can benefit your business.

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vector store

CrateDB Version 5.5: Vector Store

Introducing CrateDB Version 5.5: Explore new features like vector store functionality and the ability to drop columns. Learn more about the latest release!

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vector search

Leverage Vector Search to Use Embeddings and Generative AI: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with CrateDB

Discover how to leverage vector search and generative AI with CrateDB to enhance data analysis and extraction using Large Language Models (LLMs).

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vector support

Unlocking the power of vector support and KNN search in CrateDB

Discover how CrateDB's vector store and vector search capabilities enable efficient data retrieval and similarity analysis for AI applications.

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