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Using Spring Data Crate With Your Java REST Application

In this tutorial post will demonstrate how to integrate Spring Data Crate with your Java application based on a very simple Spring Boot REST application...

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A Dozen Intel NUCs in a Shoebox

Discover how CrateDB built a portable datacenter using Intel NUCs, showcasing the power and scalability of their software.

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A Scalable REST service with Pyramids, CrateDB & SQLAlchemy

Blog post recap of a presentation on test-driven development tutorial featuring CrateDB, SQLAlchemy and Pyramids at EuroPython 2014.

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Using Crate And Node.js For Data Enrichment

Great post by Stefan Thies about how he used Crate and Node.js to overlay the raw data from website log files with whois information, enabling him to "name" visitors to a site.

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Geospatial Queries with Crate

Crate provides a specific data type for scenarios where it is necessary to track and analyse geo coordinates.

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Using Crate As a BLOB Store

Crate provides BLOB storage so you can persistently store and retrieve BLOB – typically pictures, videos or large unstructured files, providing a fully distributed cluster solution for BLOB storage.

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Super Simple Real-Time Big Data Backend - July 8th Webinar

In this webcast we will demonstrate, step-by-step example how a web service can be deployed with the full service stack (data and application) on a single node...

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