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We hope your July was great (and productive)!

Most of our team is in the northern hemisphere; the warm temperatures arrived, so we understand that you are looking forward to your well-deserved vacation 😎

Before you go, we want to share some exciting things happening at, and its Community, essential for the #data world ⬇️


Events 🖥️

Does your #database allow you to aggregate and query different data types easily?

Alexander Mann from TGW Logistics Group, and Jan Weber, Product Manager at, shared why TGW Logistics is using CrateDB in this webinar 🎦


Tutorials you can't miss ⏯️

If you want to be up to date with the latest tips from our #data and #development experts, this is the place to be 🙌

Get Started with CrateDB

Rafaela from our Customer Engineering team will show you how to run the open-source database CrateDB on-premises in this video.

Why would you use CrateDB for metric storage? 

Lead Engineer, Johannes, explains it all in this video.

Import Parquet files into CrateDB 

Know how to import Parquet files into CrateDB using the Apache Arrow and SQLAlchemy libraries in Python, with our expert Karyn in this article 👩🏻‍💻

How do you migrate #data to a different table schema?

Imagine you want to organize it with a different table structure 💭 Lead Engineer Johannes explains how to migrate to a different table schema with a step-by-step article.

What you should know about optimizing storage for historic time-series data

CrateDB allows leveraging arrays to reduce storage significantly, and Niklas from Customer Engineering, explains it all in this article 👈


Breaking News 📰 Launches New Tier Model for CrateDB Cloud

Know more about the added Flexibility and Cost Optimization on CrateDB Cloud.

CrateDB v5.0 Release - learn more on the blog post

Die Datenbank von morgen ist eine Data-Management-Plattform - by Christian Lutz in Storage Insider. Read More

„‚Data driven‘ ist ein Quantensprung“ - Christian Lutz, Co-founder and President of talks about becoming a data-driven company in Read More 

Daten in Wettbewerbsvorteile verwandeln 

TGW Logistics Group simplifies the handling of their huge amounts of data with CrateDB. Read more

Our Costumers 🤝

We're proud of our customer's success and the stories they share with us. 

Take a look at some of our most recent success stories!

It includes brands such as TGW Logistics Group, that simplified aggregating massive volumes of diverse data with CrateDB 💪


Content you may like 💙

CrateDB Cloud clusters won't break the bank

Check the new 2 features in CrateDB Cloud that will minimize costs.

How to automatically create and manage database backups

Read this blog post to learn how to plan, make and manage database backups required by Harshil Agrawal and Marija Selakovic. 

Transforming Data into Action

The manufacturing industry faces multiple challenges. Learn how ALPLA is using CrateOM to digitalize its factories.


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