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Newsletter: New partnerships, white papers & our latest tutorials

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In this newsletter we share a guest post on how CrateDB is used to analyze and visualize Twitter conversations. In case you also have a project you would like to share, just respond to this email.

And read more about our new partnerships, white papers and our latest blog posts and tutorials.


BUSINESS NEWS announces partnership with Google Cloud

We have announced a collaboration with Google that will enable customers to access CrateDB via Google Cloud. With this new partnership, Google Cloud users can garner data insights and analytics at scale through CrateDB.

Read more and Alphagate forge new partnership to make organizations Big Data ready 

We now have a partnership with Alphagate, developer of operating solutions for industry and medical technology. For Alphagate customers, CrateDB enables them to leverage the data they collect and use it to scale their business-critical decision making.

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6 things enterprises need to consider when choosing a database

A reliable database is the fundamental building block for any data-based initiative. To help you make the right decision, here’s six things to consider when choosing a database for your next data project.

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Building an organizational culture for a data-driven world

What is data culture? Why is it needed and what’s the value in investing into it? This white paper focuses on all these aspects and gives recommendations for organization to harness the power of data.

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Upcoming events and webinars

The next big event which we’re particularly excited about is KubeCon, the largest Kubernetes conference in the world – it would be awesome to meet you there, or at one of the other events below.

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Review: DATA INSIGHTS DAY in Dornbirn

Our first DATA INSIGHTS DAY took place on March 24 in Dornbirn, Austria. We collected some key take-aways and developed a video for you as an event summary in case you couldn’t attend the insightful, in-person event.

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On-Demand Webinar: Visualizing time-series data with Apache Superset and CrateDB

This webinar on visualizing time-series data with Apache Superset was held by our Developer Advocate, Marija Selaković, together with Srini Kadamati, Senior Data Scientist/Developer Advocate at Apache Superset. It showcases how to build a superset dashboard with data from CrateDB. Read more in this blog post.

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On-Demand Video: Decision Making with EDGE and AI

At the Rethink! Smart Manufacturing Europe conference that took place in Berlin on March 13,’s founder and president, Christian Lutz, shared a use case showing how data enables AI in a welding process.

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New CrateDB Cloud feature: Custom storage on running clusters

Following our recent release announcement introducing custom storage on CrateDB Cloud clusters, you can now customize storage separately from CPU and RAM on an existing cluster which gives you additional flexibility on what and how you want to scale when your needs change.

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Analyzing and Visualizing Twitter Conversations

In this guest post Candelario A. Gutierrez is explaining how they leverage CrateDB for analyzing social-platform data and the technical aspects of their platform.

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How we scaled ingestion to one million rows per second

This post describes the process of scaling ingest throughput from a single node cluster to reaching 1 million rows per second.

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Handling dynamic objects in CrateDB

The goal of this post is to give an overview of different types of objects supported in CrateDB and to improve the overall understanding of the corresponding indexing strategy.

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How to automatically create and manage database backups

In collaboration with we published this new blog post on how to automatically create and manage database backups. In this post, we will show you how to implement some aspects of automated management of backups in the CrateDB database with no-code workflows in n8n.

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Deploying CrateDB on

Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying and managing fleets of connected IoT devices. In this short tutorial, we will show how you can integrate CrateDB as a component to and run it on an ARM device such as Raspberry Pi 4 or x86 generic 64 bits device.

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A collection of useful User-Defined Functions (UDFs)

CrateDB supports User-Defined Functions to extend the functionality provided out of the box with custom functionality. Feel free to use these UDFs for your own use case or as a starting point for creating your own UDFs.

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