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Correlated sub-queries in CrateDB

Know everything about the concept of a correlated sub-query, its usage, and how it's currently implemented in CrateDB!

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data lake

CrateDB on Acceleration for Data Lakes

Data Lakes became a standard for large volumes of data and running business analytics. Today, requirements increased, and this is where CrateDB comes in!

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CrateDB Community Day first edition

CrateDB Community Day: Event Summary

November 9th was a big day for us Craties and our Community: We had our very first CrateDB Community Day! Take a look at a summary of the day.

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Working with cursors with SQL commands

Feature Focus: Working with cursors with SQL commands

Getting a large number of results in a single operation can put stress on resources. Learn how to work with cursors with SQL commands.

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CrateDB v5.1

CrateDB v5.1: Correlated Sub-Queries and Cursors

We've just released CrateDB v5.1. Check the added support for correlated sub-queries, cursors, and more!

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data analytics

5 Data and Analytics trends you should know

Don't let future technologies catch you off guard. Data drives business decisions, helping with planning and risk assessment. Know the current trends!

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Cube and CrateDB

Enabling data analysis at scale with Cube and CrateDB

Now you can enhance your modern data stack with Cube and CrateDB as a starting point for building data-intensive applications. Learn more!

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Airflow and CrateDB

Check the quality of your data using dynamic orchestration with Airflow

Learn how to use Airflow with CrateDB to orchestrate data quality checks.

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Distributed query execution in CrateDB: What you need to know

Distributed query execution in CrateDB: What you need to know

Learn how CrateDB generates execution plans, and the optimizations influence the order of operators!

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CrateDB v5.0 available!

CrateDB v5.0: Storage, SQL Compatibility, and Scalar Functions

Our team just released CrateDB v5.0! Know the improvements and enhancements to SQL compatibility, PostgreSQL inter-op, and scalar functions to CrateDB.

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