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Full-text Search

CrateDB's full-text search is built on top of Apache Lucene, a renowned library for text search and indexing. It allows users to search for specific text across one or more columns. In order to use full-text search, a full-text index with an analyzer must be defined while creating the column. This index breaks down the text into searchable tokens, a task performed by the analyzer. Once set up, you can run full-text search queries based on the defined index.

create table documents_a (
title text,
body text INDEX using fulltext with (analyzer = 'english')
-- Find the 10 titles with the highest relevance for the term 'love'
SELECT title, _score
FROM documents_a
WHERE MATCH(body, 'love')
The MATCH predicate allows full-text search on one or more indexed columns or indices and offers various matching techniques. It also enables geographical searches on Geometric shapes indices. See also CrateDB for Geospatial tracking >

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