How to shape the culture of a data-driven organization

Ride the new wave of the data-driven organization and learn best practices from a global survey of 434 participants in this study by independent analyst firm BARC.


“We are a data-driven company” is by now a familiar proclamation from business leaders and managers. These utterances are evidence of a fundamental shift in mindset. Leaders have understood and internalized the credo. Upon attempting to restructure and reorganize data flows and processes to bring in new ways of working with data, however, particularly CDOs, CIOs and data teams run into what feels like a brick wall. Acceptance and lip service may have been paid to a data strategy, but the application of the strategy is fraught with hurdles…

What you will learn

The (actual) state of data culture in 2021 and why companies have doubled data-driven decision-making in the past 7 years

How leading companies organize and develop a successful data culture


The overall benefits of establishing a data culture

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