Version 3.3.3

Released on 2019/05/23.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 2.0.4 or higher before you upgrade to 3.3.3.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest 3.2 release before moving to 3.3.3.

If you want to perform a rolling upgrade, your current CrateDB version number must be at least Version 3.3.0. Any upgrade from a version prior to this will require a full restart upgrade.

When restarting, CrateDB will migrate indexes to a newer format. Depending on the amount of data, this may delay node start-up time.

Please consult the Upgrade Notes before upgrading.


Tables that were created prior to upgrading to CrateDB 2.x will not function with 3.3 and must be recreated before moving to 3.3.x.

You can recreate tables using COPY TO and COPY FROM while running a 2.x release into a new table, or by inserting the data into a new table.

Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

Table of contents



  • Fixed an issue that will prevent CrateDB from bootstrapping when running on Java 8 and a Java agent is specified using JAVA_OPTS or CRATE_JAVA_OPTS.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented parameter placeholders from being resolved when creating a view. A view definition like CREATE VIEW v1 AS SELECT ? would get stored without the ? being resolved to the actual parameter value, causing queries on the view to fail and also breaking information_schema.views.

  • Increased the precedence of the double colon cast operator, so that a statement like x::double / y::double applies both casts before the division.

  • Fixed an issue with the disk watermark sys checks which would incorrectly report all of them as failed if cluster.routing.allocation.disk.threshold_enabled was set to false.

  • Fixed an issue were a query on a subquery with ambiguous columns would return the same values for all of the ambiguous columns. An example is SELECT * FROM (SELECT * FROM t1, t2) AS tjoin where both t1 and t2 have a column named x. In this case the value for t1.x would be output twice.

  • Fixed a race condition when setting an enterprise license very early on node startup while a trial license is generated concurrently and such may used instead of the user given license.

  • Improve error message for the unsupported window definition ordered or partitioned by an array column type in the context of window functions