Version 5.0.2

Released on 2022-10-10.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 4.0.2 or higher before you upgrade to 5.0.2.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest 4.8 release before moving to 5.0.2.

A rolling upgrade from 4.8.x to 5.0.2 is supported. Before upgrading, you should back up your data.


Tables that were created before CrateDB 4.x will not function with 5.x and must be recreated before moving to 5.x.x.

You can recreate tables using COPY TO and COPY FROM or by inserting the data into a new table.

Table of Contents

See the Version 5.0.0 release notes for a full list of changes in the 5.0 series.


  • Fixed an issue causing queries with matching on _id to not get rows from translog, and therefore only rows that were visible from the latest manual or automatic REFRESH were returned.

  • Fixed an issue causing an IllegalArgumentException to be thrown when the optimizer attempts to convert a LEFT JOIN to an INNER JOIN and there is also a subquery in the WHERE clause.

  • Fixed a file descriptor leak that was triggered by querying the os column of the sys.nodes table.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a NoSuchElementException when using the JDBC client and mixing different DML statements using the addBatch functionality.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to stuck queries.

  • Fixed EXPLAIN plan output for queries with a WHERE clause containing implicit cast symbols. A possible optimization of our planner/optimizer was not used, resulting in different output than actually used on plan execution.

  • Fixed an issue that leads to stuck write queries if the indices.breaker.query.limit is set to -1 as the value was interpreted as a byte value instead of disabling any breaking.