Application Domains

Learn how to apply CrateDB within different use case scenarios, and how others are using CrateDB to build data management solutions and platforms.

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CrateDB is being developed in an open-source spirit, and closely together with its users and customers. Learn about application scenarios where CrateDB derives many foundational features from.

Long Term Metrics Store

Store metrics and telemetry data for the long term, with the benefits of using standard database interfaces, SQL query language, and horizontal scalability through clustering as you go.

Using CrateDB as a long term metrics store
Raw-Data Analytics

CrateDB provides real-time analytics on raw data. Learn how others are successfully running real-time multi tenant data analytics applications on top of billions of records.

About CrateDB’s analytics features
Industrial Data

Learn how others are successfully using CrateDB within industrial, engineering, manufacturing, production, and logistics domains.

Use CrateDB in industrial data platforms

Time Series Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Apply procedures from advanced analysis, scientific computing, and other technology domains to your data without further ado.

Time Series Data

Learn how to use CrateDB for time series use-cases, and how to apply time series modeling and analysis procedures to your data.

About CrateDB for time series data analysis
Machine Learning

Learn how to integrate CrateDB with machine learning frameworks and tools.

About CrateDB for machine learning applications